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Brian MacWhinney

How item-based patterns govern language learning and processing

18.06.2009 14:00 Uhr – 18:00 Uhr

Vortrag: 14-16 Uhr, Raum 153 RG, Schellingstr. 3

Workshop: 16-18 Uhr, Raum 153 RG, Schellingstr. 3

Item-based patterns represent syntactic knowledge in terms of positional combinations of a single word or operator with a variable slot filler. During first and second language learning, these patterns are abstracted to more general feature-based patterns or con-structions. Using this framework one can build computational systems for dependency-based parsing, accounts of the details of child language learning, solutions to the prob-lem of poverty of the stimulus, and models that relate language processing to specific facts about neural processing.